For us a Client is actually a Client-Partner. This way it becomes easy for us to step into his shoes. When we get a requirement to furnish, we never come up with solutions to only these requirements; we would look at it from a 360° perspective and beyond.
Precisely why we are ‘INFINITY’
We are all about the three ‘I’ of the word ‘INFINITY’
Ideate, Integrate, and Implement.

These are the three pillars on which we function, a proven Mantra, a systemic Approach!

Since its inception, INFINITY has successfully designed over a thousand projects. All of them designed and executed with a holistic approach. One look at any of our projects and you can feel the passion touching you. A powerhouse of creative talent, a skilled workforce and dedicated team along with a reliable source of vendors, is Infinity’s key to accomplishing challenges of any magnitude.


Ajinkya Dhumal

Principal Designer, Founder

Can Inspiration be crafted?
How does a caged thought find a window?
Is unlocking imagination, an art too?

Talk to Ajinkya on Interior Designing and he voices out an interesting ideology,

"I prefer DRAWING to Talking.
It’s is all about being creative,
original, honest and life touching.

The Founder-Director of Infinity stands on the solid foundation of a 15-year, across-the-board experience. Under him, Infinity’s portfolio entails some of the most prestigious projects. His leadership is draped in inspiration and people identify Passion as his other name.

Get in touch with Ajinkya on ajinkya@infinitydesign.in